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Why should spouses consider divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

It goes without saying that a marital breakup is one of life’s toughest experiences. For many couples in Illinois, separating via mediation may be more appealing and advantageous than going through a litigated divorce. Mediation is usually a cheaper and more cooperative process than a stressful, conflictual litigation. Also, some people may not want to make an enemy out of the other party. Here are a few more reasons to consider divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to the formal process of court litigation. In mediation there isn’t a winner or a loser, as opposed to the litigated court process. During mediation, both parties, along with their attorneys, meet with a court-appointed mediator. The mediator helps spouses to resolve their divorce by facilitating negotiation and cooperation.

Mediation will allow both parties to clear up disagreements, discuss important issues and come to a suitable compromise. Since the end-goal of mediation is compromise and resolution rather than conflict, it often helps to alleviate the impact of a divorce on the entire family. In mediation, the divorcing couple has control of the outcome instead of being at the mercy of a judge.

One of the best things about mediation is that it is a purely confidential process, so divorcing couples won’t have to worry about their dirty laundry being aired out to the public. There are no reporters recording every word that is said, and notes taken by the mediator are typically disposed of after negotiations. Although mediation may not be the best route for some divorcing spouses to take, it can be very helpful for couples in Illinois who want to pursue an amicable split. Those who have questions or want to know more about divorce mediation may want to consult an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.