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Last updated on November 1, 2021

Family law problems are among the most personal and stressful legal matters that people face. At The Law Offices of Jesse V. Barrientes in Wheaton, you are gaining access to more than 30 years of effective family law representation from a lawyer who truly cares about your future. Our goal is to provide real-world legal counsel and strong advocacy to allow clients to solve disputes, make informed decisions and carve out the appropriate path to their new lives.

A Full-Service Family Law Attorney Focused On Your Future

When you work with attorney Jesse Barrientes in Wheaton, you are gaining access to more than 30 years of effective family law representation from a lawyer who truly cares about your future. We are well-equipped to guide you through any family law problem with a focus on the end result. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • The divorce process: Going through a divorce is never easy, but it does not always have to be contentious. We strive to resolve problems efficiently to help clients move forward to a brighter future without the stress of litigation. When disputes cannot be solved reasonably, we stand strong in court to protect our clients’ rights.
  • Child custody and visitation issues: Your children are very important to you. We know how difficult it is for parents to come up with a workable parenting plan, as well as resolve child support and custody issues. We work tirelessly to obtain workable results to protect parental rights.
  • Post-judgment modifications and relocations: Relocations, modifications to parenting plans, visitation, child custody and spousal maintenance issues can reignite the stress of the original divorce. Our client-centered practical approach is aimed at obtaining results in post-judgment modifications with the least amount of anxiety as possible.
  • Property division and spousal maintenance: Your financial future begins with a fair property and maintenance allocation in the divorce settlement. Our wide-ranging knowledge of the law and finances will give you the peace of mind that your property and alimony interests are handled properly.
  • The benefits of mediation: Mediation is an empowering way to settle conflict in a divorce. Men and women are able to resolve their differences without contentious litigation. We guide clients through mediation, allowing them to protect their rights and maintain more control over the outcome of their divorce settlements. Attorney Jesse V. Barrientes is also a divorce mediator accepting judicial appointments and private mediation.
  • Adoption: Growing a family, and strengthening the bond between stepparents and children through stepparent adoptions are among the most joyous aspects of family court. We are passionate about helping men and women adopt children in Illinois. We also work with family members who need to set up guardianships to protect the interests of loved ones.

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In any family law matter, the attorney you choose can make a significant difference in your future stability. We champion the best interests of clients in mediation, negotiations, litigation and post-judgment family law disputes.

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