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Divorce mediation is cost-effective and often saves time

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

Once the decision to separate has been made, spouses often prepare themselves emotionally and psychologically for a long, arduous divorce process. According to some stereotypes, the process of divorce involves two former spouses at odds with each other battling it out in court. However, ending a marriage does not have to be so stressful or challenging. Couples in Illinois who are willing to cooperate may be able to save themselves time and money by undergoing divorce mediation.

Significant savings

Divorce may also mean dealing with issues like child support, child custody and division of marital property. It doesn’t take long for attorneys fees to add up. And the more couples argue, the more expensive it gets. In mediation, couples work with a neutral third party to help them work together through many issues. Mediation can keep couples out of a lengthy and expensive court litigation.

Timely resolution

Mediation can also help couples save precious time. When spouses fight it out in court, they often find themselves stuck in a slow and deliberate process. Family court judges handle literally thousands of divorce cases per year. Mediation, however, can allow for couples to proceed at whatever pace they and their mediator agree on.

Of course, meditation is not the best option for some couples. Mediation requires cooperation, so if one spouse is deceitful or untrustworthy, the process will ultimately fail. The end of a marriage can be a time of great confusion. For those in Illinois who have questions or may be going through a divorce, consulting with an attentive and caring family law attorney can help ease one’s concerns about the process.