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Is co-parenting the best child custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

Even when parents get divorced, they still want what is best for their children. These days, more and more parents in Illinois are choosing to co-parent after their divorce. In co-parenting, parents stay engaged with each other and communicate frequently and openly. There are numerous benefits to co-parenting, and also some drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to a co-parenting child custody arrangement.  


The biggest pro for co-parenting is that it is usually very beneficial to the children who are involved. Co-parenting arrangements often unify both parents and children because parents must work together and cooperate to make things as normal and simple as possible for the children. Some parents take it a step further and choose to do what is called bird nesting. In bird nesting, the kids continue to live in the family home while the parents take turns staying in the home with the children. Co-parenting helps to remove the tension out of the divorce and allows the children to grow in a more healthy and stable environment. 


Co-parenting requires active communication between parents. Without question, it can be incredibly difficult to keep open communication with a former spouse following an emotional divorce. In some instances, co-parenting just isn’t going to be a feasible option for divorced parents. For example, if a former spouse was abusive, trying to co-parent with them would not be healthy nor safe. 

The health, safety and well-being of the children should be at the center of all parenting agreements. When done right, co-parenting is one of the most beneficial child custody arrangements available today. Parents in Illinois who have questions about co-parenting or any aspect of child custody could gain clarity by consulting with a family law attorney. An experienced lawyer will be able to assess the situation and give parents the guidance they need to move forward.