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Strategies for joint custody parenting schedules

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No couple initiates marriage with divorce in mind. Sometimes, however, things don’t go as planned, and ending the marriage is the best course of action. For most divorced parents in Illinois, the well-being of the children remains their top priority. Many families find that a joint child custody arrangement is best for them. Here’s what to consider when developing a joint custody parenting schedule. 


For parents who are sharing parenting time, it is recommended that they live fairly close to each other to cut down on transportation time and costs. Another thing to consider is the availability of trustworthy childcare. If the children are already familiar with a certain babysitter, it only makes sense for that relationship to continue.  

Children’s schedules 

Take the schedules of the children in consideration when planning a parenting schedule. For example, many kids participate in extracurricular activities after school during the week or play seasonal sports. Remember this is about the kids, so keep their schedules in mind. 

Convenience is not the goal 

It may be tempting to create the most convenient schedule possible, but you should remember this is not the goal. The entire purpose of the parenting schedule should be to support the children and their relationship with both parents. This will often involve compromising, so be prepared for it. 

Once a basic parenting schedule has been worked out, make sure to stick to the plan long enough to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. A parenting schedule is a lot of trial and error. Adjustments can always be made down the road. Those in Illinois who have questions about child custody or custody arrangements may want to consult a legal representative. A seasoned family law attorney can answer questions and help determine the best arrangements for both children and parents.