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To parent effectively, make the children the top priority

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When parents divorce or separate, the children are inevitably impacted. Parents can have a significant influence on how children process the experience. Although every child and every situation is unique, parents benefit by focusing on the children and their needs regardless of what has happened in the past. Here are some ways parents in Illinois can parent effectively during and after a breakup or divorce. 

Consistent discipline 

The primary goal of discipline is to help children learn self-control and choose acceptable behaviors. Discipline is a necessity in every household to help children grow into responsible adults. Establish a set of rules but also be sure to follow through with the consequences of breaking rules. 

Make time for the kids 

In today’s hectic life, it can be hard for parents and children to spend quality time together. But there is nothing that children need or would like more. Create schedules with time set aside specifically for the children. Designate a night each week to spend together and let the children help decide how to spend the time.  

Boost self-esteem 

In general, kids perform better when they are confident and have higher self-esteem. A parent’s words and actions affect their children’s self-esteem more than anything else. Avoid using words as weapons or making loaded statements. Let children do things independently and praise their accomplishments no matter how small. 

Raising children is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. Those who go through a separation or divorce may feel unprepared or unworthy to parent their children. Luckily, there is help available for parents in Illinois who have questions regarding parenting or child custody. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and help parents move forward.