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There are some distinct advantages to divorce mediation

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Ending a marriage is never easy. It is safe to say that no one truly wants to go through an arduous and drawn-out litigation to settle a divorce. Luckily, there are some ways to simplify the divorce process. Divorce mediation offers a myriad of advantages over a lengthy and expensive legal proceeding. If spouses in Illinois are willing to cooperate, mediation is often one of the best options to settle a divorce.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative to the traditional and formal process of divorce court. During mediation, both spouses meet with a neutral third-party, known as a mediator, who acts as an intermediary to help the couple negotiate a resolution to their divorce. During mediation, spouses have the opportunity to resolve any disagreements and discuss their issues. Mediators can offer opinions and make suggestions, but they are not allowed to force agreements upon the spouses. Both parties have to be willing to cooperate and work together towards a resolution.

Divorce mediation has some great benefits

One of the main advantages to divorce mediation, and why many couples choose this route, is that it keeps the divorce out of court, thus saving time and money. Mediation also allows the couple to be in control of their divorce, rather than be at the mercy of a judge. Mediation is also purely confidential, so divorcing spouses do not have to worry about their dirty laundry becoming public knowledge.

Without a doubt, the dissolution of a marriage has the potential to be contentious and conflictual. However, fighting for the sake of fighting rarely produces great results. Those in Illinois who want to know more about divorce mediation may want to consider speaking with a legal representative. A knowledgeable and dedicated family law attorney can provide straightforward legal counsel and help resolve issues.