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Helpful ways to discuss impending divorce with children

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It’s safe to say that most parents in Illinois who divorce would agree that this experience is anything but easy. However, one of the most emotionally difficult parts of a divorce for parents is how to talk to their children about the marital breakup. Here are some ways parents can discuss their impending divorce with children and create a less stressful transition for all parties involved.

Keep it simple yet clear

Parents should do their best to make explanations simple and concise while also maintaining a calm tone. Most divorces will have some messy details, but it’s best to leave those out. Being too detailed could make the children think that they are the cause or that they need to fix things. The children will have mixed feelings and reactions, but make it clear that both parents will be happier.

Let them know it’s not their fault

It is important that the children know that they are in no way responsible for the divorce. Reinforce that the decision to divorce was entirely an adult decision, based on adult problems. Make sure the children know that this is nothing that they need to fix.

They need to know they are safe

The focus of the children will likely be security. However, be upfront and honest with them. Let the kids know that there will be some changes in their lives, but give them reassurance that they are a priority and are loved.

When parents decide to separate, their divorce can have some consequences and far-reaching impacts. Those in Illinois who have questions about divorce and their future could benefit by contacting a family law attorney. An experienced lawyer can answer difficult questions and legally guide them through this phase of life.