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Questions parents may face at a child custody hearing

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When parents in Illinois divorce, they both may want custody of the children. This often causes a child custody battle to ensue. In a child custody hearing, the focus of the courts is what will serve the best interests of the children. To determine this, the judge will consider a number of issues. Here are a few common questions parents are asked in a child custody hearing. 

Financial status 

The judge will likely want to review the parent’s financial status and financial resources. The court must determine if a parent can take care of the basic economic needs of children. A crucial factor in these proceedings is whether a parent can provide vital necessities such as food and shelter. 

Communication with the other parent 

These days, the courts prefer to award legal custody to both parents, since having both parents involved usually serves the best interests of the children. However, to give custody to both parents, the court will want to know how well parents communicate with one another. Parents must communicate effectively to make the best decisions for their children. 

Existing arrangements 

If there are existing arrangements, formal or informal, it is important to make the court aware of them. It may also be important to consider which parts of the current arrangement are not working. It’s important for the courts to understand existing arrangements, as they don’t want to interfere with a custody arrangement that is working. 

A child custody hearing can be stressful, so it is best to go into the experience prepared to answer any questions that may arise. It is also helpful to gain an understanding of the laws surrounding child custody in Illinois. Parents who have questions regarding child custody and/or custody laws could benefit by contacting and speaking with a trusted family law attorney.