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Navigating disagreements and conflict among co-parents

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Co-parenting has become one of the more popular child custody arrangements among divorced parents in Illinois. However, it goes without saying that divorced parents just aren’t going to agree on everything. Unfortunately, when conflict arises between parents, the needs of the children are sometimes put on the back burner. Here are a few strategies co-parents can use to resolve conflict. 


To resolve conflict, parents must have a cooperative mindset. A great way to get in this frame of mind is to practice empathy with each other. While the marriage is over, it’s about the children now. The stress and anger that comes with conflict can derail the entire purpose of co-parenting. Parents should try to remain empathetic and try to understand where the other party is coming from when conflict arises. 

Identify common sources of conflict 

Many co-parents find that there may be an area of their parenting that just isn’t working. This area will likely become a regular source of conflict. However, once parents have identified common sources of conflict, they can work together to resolve these issues. 

Be open 

It’s easy for parents to get tunnel vision amid conflict where they refuse to consider compromises or possible alternatives. To resolve conflict, it is important to resist becoming closed off to possible solutions. Be open to suggestions and possibilities from the other parent. 

Unfortunately, co-parents who are unwilling to compromise or cooperate often make the situation about themselves. When this happens, the children suffer. Those in Illinois who need help with parenting decisions or have questions about child custody could greatly benefit by seeking the assistance of a trusted and knowledgeable family law attorney.