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How to have a more amicable divorce

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Some spouses stay together, and some don’t. According to recent statistics, just under half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Traditionally, divorce was synonymous with court trials and conflict. These days, however, more and more spouses are opting for a peaceful, or amicable, divorce. The following strategies could help couples in Illinois work toward an amicable divorce.

Be open

Honesty and openness are big factors in an amicable divorce process. If one spouse attempts to hide assets or information, it often makes an amicable divorce become an impossibility. Spouses who choose to pursue an amicable divorce should agree from the beginning to be truthful and honest about all the aspects of the divorce. If not, the efforts may be pointless


An amicable divorce requires mutual respect and politeness. Although it may seem difficult to be polite after agreeing to divorce, it is not as challenging as one might think. Start by getting into a positive state of mind. Remember to stay focused and calm and try not to let emotions take over. Also, listen attentively to the other party and always consider the long-term consequences of any reactions.

An amicable divorce is not for every couple. However, it is a conscious choice. Spouses have to decide what type of divorce they want and commit to it. It goes without saying that the legalities surrounding divorce can be very confusing. Those in Illinois who have questions about divorce can gain clarity and legal guidance by speaking with a knowledgeable and seasoned family law attorney.