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Why communication is crucial in a co-parenting arrangement

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

The decision to separate from a long-time spouse is rarely an easy one. Divorce can cause a person to feel stressed out and bring about a whole host of challenges. For children in Illinois who are caught in the middle, a divorce can turn their world upside down. Joint child custody, or co-parenting, can help children feel secure and establish a sense of stability in their lives. Here’s why communication is a critical part of a successful joint custody arrangement. 

Discussion of major decisions 

A lack of communication can often lead to one parent making all the important decisions on his or her own, which may cause feelings of resentment. To avoid this clash, parents should put their past relationship problems aside and focus on the needs of the children. Even though decisions may start out small at first, they will become more significant as the children grow. This is why it is imperative to establish effective communication as early as possible. 


It’s not uncommon for divorced parents to hear parental comparisons from their children. However, instead of trying to one-up each other, parents best serve their children by communicating and getting on the same page. By establishing effective communication with each other, parents can set common ground rules that the children can always expect regardless of where they are spending the night. 

When divorced parents put their differences aside and do what’s best for their children, a co-parenting arrangement will always be successful. For parents in Illinois who have questions about child custody, seeking the services of an experienced legal representative can be very beneficial. A family law attorney can answer questions and help parents navigate through this sometimes stressful and often confusing experience.