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Guiding children through a challenging divorce

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The divorce process can understandably be very stressful for the soon-to-be ex-spouses who are involved. If those spouses happen to be parents, they most likely will also be worried about how the children will handle the experience. Whether parents are together or not, they only want what is best for their children. Here are a few helpful ways parents in Illinois can guide their children through the experience of divorce.

Check-in frequently

It will take time for the children to adjust to their new schedules and family situations. Check in with children often and give them the freedom to be open about their emotions. Listen carefully as they express themselves and let them know it’s okay to feel angry or sad. For older children, counseling may be beneficial since they may feel more comfortable sharing feelings with a neutral adult.

Keep routines

The divorce experience can be chaotic for children. Seemingly insignificant routines like mealtimes or getting ready for bed can give children a sense of security and normalcy during the turmoil and uncertainty they are experiencing. Stick to daily schedules as closely as possible. Routines will help kids feel a sense of calm and order.


While children may be their top priority, parents should not forget to take care of themselves during this time. Never forget that children watch their parents closely. If a parent is isolating themselves or shutting down, the kids may do the same.

Just as with marriages, no two divorces are the same. A marital breakup can be challenging and stressful for all parties involved. Fortunately, there are experts available who can give advice to parents in Illinois who may be going through a divorce. By consulting with a seasoned family law attorney, parents can obtain much-needed legal guidance and assistance throughout the divorce process.