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A few ways to help children emotionally cope with divorce

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In life, there are few things as challenging as a marital breakup. As difficult as divorce is for spouses, it can be even tougher for children. Seeing their family torn apart can be very unsettling for kids and leave emotional and psychological scars that may never heal. Here are a few ways parents in Illinois can help children emotionally cope with a divorce and minimize the negative impact that this experience may have on them. 

Open communication 

Following a divorce, parents should help children adjust to the new situation as easily as possible.  A great way to facilitate this is to encourage children to talk and address any concerns or fears they have about the split. Always keep the lines of communication open so that it is easier for children to approach this sensitive topic. 

Create stability 

Following a divorce, children often feel that stability and security have been ripped away. This can create emotional turmoil for them. Children crave familiarity, so spouses should work together to ensure that both households are welcoming and comfortable. 


Divorce is a massive change that will disrupt day-to-day functioning. During this time it is important to stay as consistent as possible with daily schedules. Parents should try to maintain similar routines and disciplines in each household. Consistency with daily routines and expectations will help children maintain a sense of security and stability when dealing with an unfamiliar situation. 

Always keep the children as the top priority. The needs and well-being of the children should come before personal desires and problems between parents. Parents in Illinois who have questions about divorce or child custody could benefit by contacting a legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and provide much-needed legal guidance.