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Moving on after a difficult divorce

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Even if a marital breakup is a mutual decision, it’s still a loss. Investing years with another person and then suddenly ending the relationship can throw any person into emotional turmoil. Divorce is often portrayed as a negative event. However, divorce can be an incredibly rewarding experience when a person learns how to release emotional burdens caused by the dissolution of a marriage. What follows may be helpful to those in Illinois who find themselves in this situation.


Divorce is not unlike death in that it is a loss of a close person. There will naturally be a period of grieving. There are many stages to the grieving process. Don’t try to resist grieving. Instead, allow it to happen, feel it and process it.

Cut communication

After ending a marriage, it can be painful to see or talk to an ex-spouse, especially if the divorce was less than amicable. In order to move on, it may be necessary to cut off all communication with the former spouse if possible. Avoid going to places where they may be. Also, remove and perhaps even block them on social media accounts.

Love again

To move on from a past marriage, a person must accept reality and embrace the future. This is easier said than done, and there will usually be setbacks. However, the only way to move forward is to look toward the future. It can be very helpful to go out and meet new people. Give love another chance.

Moving on after divorce is never easy. There will always be lingering memories, both good and bad. However, a person will never be able to see the good things ahead of them by holding on to the past. It can be comforting to know that any person in Illinois who goes through a divorce does not have to go through this experience alone. An experienced attorney can answer difficult questions and provide much-needed guidance for those who are going through divorce.