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Helpful advice for dads seeking child custody

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Without a doubt, a divorce can be a painful event to go through. However, the situation can be even more stressful and complicated when both parents desire sole custody of the children. In past decades, courts traditionally favored the mothers in most child custody cases. Although courts in Illinois today no longer show this type of favoritism, it can still be more challenging for a father to win a child custody battle than it is for the mother. The following advice may be helpful for fathers who are seeking child custody.

Fathers who want custody of their children should be actively involved in the children’s lives. Do things such as pick the kids up from school, attend sports games, go to school meetings, take the children to their doctors’ appointments and so on. By doing these seemingly small things, teachers, coaches, doctors and other people around the children will see the involvement. It is also important for a father seeking custody to keep records and document everything he does or says to the spouse after deciding to part ways.

Fathers can also prove they are good parents by gathering references. It is a good idea for fathers to have friends, colleagues, relatives and other important acquaintances to write references or affidavits to explain the father’s personality and why he is a good parent. These references will establish credibility to the father’s parenting ability and will make a strong point in court.

Legal representation may be the most important part of winning a custody battle. Fathers should know that they are up against a system that has ruled in favor of mothers for years. This is why it is important to select a lawyer who supports the rights of fathers. Fathers in Illinois should consult a knowledgeable family law attorney who understands where they are coming from and what it takes to win a child custody case.