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Why are more older adults getting divorced?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

These days, it seems marital breakups are commonplace. Even though the divorce rate as a whole is declining in Illinois, more and more older adults are dissolving their marriages. Gray divorce, as this phenomenon is known, is on the rise. But what is the reason for this increase?

Marriage can be an encouragement, a big challenge or somewhere in-between. Any marriage that is not fulfilling can be emotionally and physically draining, but many spouses will remain in destructive marriages for reasons such as finances or children. However, when a person reaches a certain age, some of these reasons often become irrelevant and they seek liberation.

In the past, religion and other social obligations often held many marriages together. However, all it takes is one moment of clarity for these to change. In recent years, the social stigmas surrounding divorce have vanished, and many older adults are simply refusing to spend their remaining years unhappy just for the sake of public perception. When the obstacles that have plagued a marriage have ended, there is often an urge to escape the past for a better future.

As couples age, they sometimes find that they want different things out of life and have different goals in mind. More and more older adults are coming to the mutual understanding that divorcing is the best course of action. Regardless of age, any individual in Illinois who has questions about divorce could benefit by consulting a legal representative. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can ensure the protection of personal rights and offer guidance to anyone going through this difficult experience.