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The effects of divorce on adult children

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Firm News

Understandably, a marital breakup is often very hard for young children. Many young children don’t understand the concept of divorce and may blame themselves for their parents’ separation. However, divorce can be just as challenging for adult children. Since the 1990s, the divorce rate among older couples has nearly doubled in Illinois and across the country. Unfortunately, the adult children of these older couples often suffer as they see their parents end years and years of marriage.

Even as adults, children still picture their parents and family as always being together. When their parents abruptly end a decades-long marriage, many adult children often feel like they were lied to throughout childhood. The concerns of adult children often mirror the concerns of young children when their parents divorce, and they feel responsible for the failed marriage.

Another big concern among adult children of divorced couples revolves around caregiving. For example, if one parent falls ill, the other parent will no longer be there to care for the infirm parent. This responsibility would likely fall to the adult children. The children should focus on helping their parents through this difficult time and help them connect with friends and family.

Without question, a divorce is a challenging experience for all family members regardless of age. Adult children of divorcing parents should try to be empathetic and offer emotional support. For any legal questions that may arise, there is professional help readily available. Anyone in Illinois who is thinking about divorce can gain clarity and much-needed guidance by consulting an attorney experienced in family law.