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Fathers and child custody

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According to traditional stereotypes, mothers were the primary caregivers in most American families. In past decades, the mothers typically stayed home and raised the children while fathers worked. In modern times however, fathers are playing a larger and more active role in their children’s lives. Courts in Illinois still lean in favor of mothers, which can mean that fathers are on the losing end of many child custody battles. Here’s how fathers can increase the odds of obtaining custody or a greater share of parenting time.

For fathers going through divorce, it is always recommended to keep records and document everything. Fathers who provide proof of everything that is said and done during this situation can have an advantage during a custody hearing. Also, fathers should be prepared to respond to questions regarding their relationship with the children. Judges have a duty to place the needs of children first, so they will usually inquire about the parent/child relationship.

It may be tempting to try and influence the outcome of a custody battle, but doing so can only lead to self-sabotage. Always avoid the obvious mistakes like taking children unannounced for lengthy periods of time, physical confrontations with an ex-spouse or openly criticizing a spouse in front of others. These things are very detrimental and will greatly reduce any chances of winning a custody hearing.

Always remember that the top priority is the safety and well-being of the children. It may seem like the case is about the parents, but a child custody case is about the children and the best arrangement for them. Parents in Illinois who have questions about child custody could benefit from discussions with a legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can provide guidance and help to clear up the confusion of the custody process.